Instructions on how to use our facilities.

①After entering, you’ll find the reception desk immediately to your left. Pay the entrance fee here and receive your locker key. Please keep the locker key with you until you leave the premises.

②Please remove your shoes at the entrance and put them into the bag that’s hanging under the reception desk. Please wear the slippers found on the shelf near the entrance and put your personal items into the lockers.
※On “nude” days, you will put your shoes into your lockers along with your other items.

③The final step is just to have a good time! The more proactive you are, the better your chances at getting lucky!
※Condoms and wet paper towels are found in each booth as well as near the lockers.
※Lubricant can be purchased at the reception desk for 100 yen.

④If you wish to take a shower and would like to rent a towel, please enquire at the reception.
※Your first towel is free of charge. However additional towels are 100 yen.
※Please deposit used towels in the return box located near the showers.

⑤Before leaving, please return the slippers to the shelf and the locker key to the reception desk.
Place the shoe bag in the return box located under the reception desk.

Other notes and information
※Please smoke only in the designated smoking area near the conversation space
※Please note that there are no English-speaking staff members to assist you.
※Gay periodicals and flyers can be found in the conversation room for your enjoyment.
※Please refrain from having prolonged conversations on the premises.